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Personal Projects

Here is my self-designed projects which reflects my passion for innovation, as I have personally conceptualized and brought to life various ideas, demonstrating my hands-on expertise.



The Perfect Puppet 1+1 project included a 3D animation film and a multi-level desktop game. 

  • Self Directed and produced a 3D animation film telling the story of a puppeteer so obsessed with the idea of making a perfect puppet, causing the destruction of the puppet.

  • Designed and developed a multi-level desktop game as the second part, narrating the story of a trapped sadistic puppeteer escaping by collecting the body parts of his torn-part puppets.

  • Experienced a complete 3D animation and game production pipeline.


The pianist of the grand orchestra(Game)

Inspired by my experience of playing piano in my high school orchestra, I conceived and started building a 2d pixel music game, The Pianist in the Grand Orchestra. 
  • Conceived and initiated development of a 2D pixel music game based on high school orchestra experience.
  • Designed game mechanics and storyline, simulating a musician's journey from audition to competitions.
  • Produced a demo showcasing the current game mechanics.

Academic Projects

These projects, undertaken alongside my school peers, demonstrated my capacity to collaborate effectively, integrate diverse ideas, shoulder responsibilities within a team, and apply my skills to bring concepts to fruition.



This game with quirky style is specifically designed for the festival where friends and families can have fun together. Our world is focused on a corner of a room where one wall is adorned with cat climbing frames. Here, guests take on the role of toys. They need to assist each other to climb together as high as possible in a given time

  • Manage the 3 weeks production progress of the team.

  • Participated in the development of game mechanics, background story, and 3d models.

  • Made all aspects of sound design, and music composition.

  • Assisted in building the Arduino controller and physical decoration.


Art Punk(Game)

The setting features a renegade painter stirring up an art gallery filled with black-and-white works, which turned out had been well-received by visitors.

  • Utilized augmented reality tech, and created a game focused on the core concept of an interactive and captivating environment that offers naive guests the illusion of abundant choices.

  • Employed vivid elements as a form of subtle guidance.

  • Wrote the story, as well as participated in the development of game mechanics, all aspects of sound design, and music composition.


The Little Red Riding Hood(game)

​The character we're aiding is a young girl who has been captured by a witch, while the player takes on the role of a hunter who is lost in the woods.

  • Utilized VR technology and the Quest 2 headset, and developed a game centered around the primary idea of assisting a character within the game to reach her objective with my team.

  • Collaborated with my teammates to refine the storyline and crafted the narrative script.

  • Contributed to designing game mechanics, created character models, and handled all aspects of sound design and music composition.


Construction Worker vs. Alien

This narrative unfolds the tale of a downtrodden employee who, upon discovering their workplace ravaged by an unexpected extraterrestrial visitor, undergoes a transformation into a furious combatant as they engage in a fierce confrontation.

  • Employed motion capture technology, record the animation and clean up them in motion builder

  • Layout the environment and rendered the animation within Unreal Engine 5


Hat Hunt(Game)

The game narrates the story of a cowboy on a quest to find his hat, which he needs to gain entry into a cowboy bar.

  • Created a straightforward game in just one week, utilizing an unconventional platform: a dance pad.

  • Encompassed crafting the narrative, contributed to the development of the game's mechanics

  • Managing all elements of sound design and 4 genres of music serving as a switch of hats.

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